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Upon successful completion, students are prepared to:

Understand and utilize math computations, formulas,and measurements required in the carpentry field.

Understand the properties of wood, its sustainability and how it dictates the fundamental principles and procedures involved in carpentry.

Learn and utilize safe practices concerning, personal safety, hand and power tool usage, and all aspects of fabrication/construction.

Use appropriate tools, materials/fasteners and current building technology to complete projects.

Practice good work ethics and quality workmanship with regard to industry standards.

Construct projects by interpreting drawings, applying building code requirements where applicable.

Synthesize principles, procedures and objectives using critical thinking, appropriate materials, tools/equipment and procedures to construct a residential dwelling.

Cultivate an awareness of environmental and cultural impacts at the community and global level during planning and construction phases.

Degree, Certificate, or Credential Earned

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Entrance Requirements / Prerequisites

Mathematics: MATH 22 or Math 50
Reading: ENG 21


Hawai'i County

Provided By

5. HARIETT (Waikoloa Beach Marriott)

Training Location

Hawaii Community College

Training Category

Building Maintenance

Program Dates

Classes start in August, 2017

Total Hours

70 Credits

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